Vroom: The Drama- Renewed after two years of being off air for a finale

It had been two years after Opti had broken up with Bridget, two years after Matt had ruined things with Katy, and two years after all the trivial drama that existed in the ensemble cast's lives. Things were different now, Erin, Matt, and Henri were no longer children but adults now.  Opti had sworn everybody out of his life after being rejected by Melissa and moved away to a new city; he only chose a select few to keep in touch with, what a total b.  

Maple and Henri had gone on that pizza date with things never really progressing from there.  Henri never felt a spark and decided to discontinue their relationship.  Maple left after that, never to be seen again.  Rejection was hard but a second dosage was lethal.

Katy had also left town, swearing off her former life.  She knew that after sleeping with Opti she would never be able to face her best friend, Bridget, again.  So instead she ran away and started a new life, dragging a maturer and more experienceed Matt back into her twisted life.  

Kevin was incarcerated for multiple cases of public mastubation with various citrus fruits.

Mark and Judy's relationship disintegrated as she continued to see less and less of him as the weeks went by.  She had her own life to deal with and had to stop living and playing in this fantasy world. Mark stayed though, still enthralled by the fantasy, unable to let go and enter reality.

As for Yam, no one really knows what happened to him.  Some say he moved back to his country home where he started up at the meat packaging plant again.  Others whisper that he had been stealing money from the bar and was turned into the Friday night special: Yam fries.

What seemed to be a special and close community had melted away in a matter of weeks.  Nobody wanted to keep up with this world, this world was not real, it was a game. A simple fantasy that used to be something that drew them together but now only a faint memory and for the last time, they hit log-out.