Reinecerise Self-Fanart

Mouse Name: Reinecerise

Real Name: Sarah

Vroom baby vroom


Location: Somewhere, Virginia (Previously Florida)

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Birthday: September 18, 1991

Spouse: Voldemort

First Tribe: I don't even remember ._.

Second Tribe: Tiffanys

Third Tribe: Automice

Fourth Tribe: VROOM (current)

Reine is a derpy individual who enjoys drawing, writing and talking about Voldemort's penis. Her first friend ever on Transformice was Yam, and soon after she befriended Slick and DJ. When she was invited to join Tiffanys she did so gladly, embracing her new family and making tons of new friends. To this day she still loves them all and would follow them anywhere because they're the only reason why she bothers getting on Transformice. Except for Opti. He's a douche.