Nelly the elephant (more commonly known as lolaphant) is Beastiehowls's shaman totem. Ever since she was created, Beastie has never had the heart to replace her with other experimental animal totems.


Beastie and Nelly.

A few comments usually follow the summoning of Nelly, most of which are variations of "Elephant!" with a pleasant emoticon at the end. Sometimes the remarks question Nelly's species or make fun of her appearance. For instance, "It's a cat/horse/dog/other" and "It's fugly". Nelly is summoned when either Beastie has finished building and most of the mice are already in the hole, or she has no clue how to build in a crappy map on hard mode. Nelly usually causes havoc on the mice, blocking their paths, flinging them in every direction with her trunk, or trapping them in her stomach/beneath her. In rare cases, she actually helps mice get to the cheese and/or hole.

Nelly has several skills that make her a unique totem:

  • Acrobatics
  • Parkour
  • Breakdancing
  • Going through walls
  • Moonwalking

All of these skills are attributed to Nelly's condition. The positioning of her ear and tusks causes seizure-like symptoms throughout her whole body, which in turn reults in all of the above abilities.

There have been two recorded instances where elephant totems have been attempted, but very few inherit the same aesthetic appeal and talents that Nelly is known for.


Dazzliey's version of Nelly in her tribe room map.


Martinosux (intentional typo) and his attempt at an elephant totem.