Mouse Name: Mynameiserin

Real Name: Erin (orly?)

Location: Pennsylvania, USA

Gender: Female

Birthday: May 16th, 1996

Age: 16

The Real Life of ErinEdit

Erin is the perfect example of a suburban white girl. She is currently unemployed, and spends most of her time as a catholic school student. At this school, she performs with the school choir and the speech and debate team. In the future, she would like to attend a school in New York City, and her future occupation is still to be determined.

History in TransformiceEdit

The account "Mynameiserin" was created on September 30th, 2010. She started playing on Transformice when her friends on another website (OMGPOP) told her to try Transformice with them. It was intended to just be a fun thing her and her friends would do sometimes, but it proved to be more than that. Erin then spent more time on Transformice than OMGPOP, and it has stuck ever since.

When Erin was a young nub, she would jump from room to room for entertainment. The first person she truly befriended in room 12 was Nipplez and Mralarm, but even when these people were offline, Erin still stayed in room 12. The longer she stayed in room 12, the more she noticed people calling each other "tiff". Erin thought this was freakin' hilarious, so she had started communicating with these people. It wasn't before long that the still noob Erin was asked by Dahmicer to join Automice. At first, Erin said no, but later she then joined. Erin has not regretted her decision to join ever since, and loves her fellow friends on Transformice.

Erin is quite known for her lack of firsts, as she has plenty of cheese gathered but not many cheese gathered firsts, and she often complains about this, because she is often surrounded by many pros. If she spent less time complaining, maybe she could actually get firsts.

Erin has been a member of Automice, Tiffanys, then Automice again, and then VROOM.